The misunderstanding that sends so many marketers charging off in the wrong direction
Terça, 23 Setembro 2014 09:24

However, i will now address this one about long ads.

1. Nobody sane wants to watch a 60 minutre ad. Unless...

2. They are likely to be interested...

3. In a product or service relevant enough for them to pay attention. (Ler Mais)

 By Drayton Bird 


How to Revive your Direct Mail Marketing?
Sexta, 22 Agosto 2014 16:18

Direct Mail is significantly more expensive than its digital counterpart, but it has certain attributes that make it attractive to marketers and consumers alike. "People like something to hold in their hands," says Broekhuizen. "That's something an e-mail campaign can't deliver."

The tangibility factor works on a number of levels. (Ler Mais)

BY Trevor Clawson in The Marketer 


The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing
Terça, 22 Julho 2014 14:17
Have you commited one of the seven deadly sins of marketing? While they may not be as detrimental as the original sins, they can make or break you as a marketer. (Ler Mais)
By Hana Abaza in Target Marketing 

Is Print Dead?
Terça, 17 Junho 2014 16:00
We get a staggering amount of digital communication each day, and every message is easily replaced by the next tweet, email or status update.
Print, however, is tangible high-impact and hig-ROI - and it stands out in today's increasingly cluttered online universe. Direct mail provides a tactile response that stimulates the senses, creating more positive brand associations and making the communication more memorable. And it's impervious to spam filters. (Ler Mais)
By Andrew Field in Marketing Donut 
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Terça, 17 Junho 2014 13:40

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4 Ways to Increase Your Direct Mail Sales
Sexta, 09 Maio 2014 11:21

So once you've made all that effort to find that customer, you want to do everything you can to make the most of this asset. Your aim should be to keep adding new customers to a solid base of existing customers who are continually buying more of what you're selling. (Ler Mais)

BY Craig Simpson in Entrepreneur


The 5 Key Elements of a Great Direct Mail Sales Piece
Sexta, 09 Maio 2014 11:04

 If you've never written a sales piece before, it might seem like an impossible task. But let me tell you why you would be the perfect one to write the sales copy for your business (Ler Mais)

BY Craig Simpson in Entrepreneur
Six Factors for Bridging Direct and Brand Marketing
Quarta, 07 Maio 2014 16:04
Marketing today is a three-way convergence: brand messaging (a unique point of distinction that commands preference and shifts demand), direct response (insight-based, metric-driven call-to-action), and content marketing (engage consumers in an evocative, relevant dialogue). And it’s all intimately tied to growth and margin. (Ler Mais)
By Lindsay Resnick in Chief Marketer
Do something unique for your business
Terça, 29 Abril 2014 15:30

 When she started in Paris, in 1957, she didn’t let customers in for three months after it opened. The lights were on every night and the music played but the door was locked and a sign said “Disco Full.” (Ler Mais)

 By Lois Geller 


The more you tell, the more you sell
Terça, 29 Abril 2014 15:16

People who really want to buy and are your best prospects will take time to read a longer mailing piece, he notes. The fact that direct mail volume is down can work in mailers’ favor, because there is less completion in the mailbox. There are more targeted lists available, and mailers are spending more on their packages, leading to rising response rates in many cases. (Ler Mais)

By Beth Negus Viveiros